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"The purpose of the Prince Edward Island Lighthouse Society is to aid in the preservation of the lighthouses of the area and to work with the Canadian Coast Guard and other agencies, both government and non-profit groups, to achieve the safekeeping of the buildings, artifacts and records of Prince Edward Island Lighthouses."

The Society was formed in April, 1996. It became the second provincial lighthouse society in Canada. It was incorporated on November 23, 1999 as a not-for-profit group. When the society was formed, there were five lighthouses open seasonally to the public: West Point, East Point, Victoria Seaport Museum in the Leard's Front/Palmer's Back Range tower, Point Prim, and Wood Islands. Since that time, Cape Bear, Panmure Island, Tignish Run and Souris have opened to summer guests.

Canada's smallest province is approximately 140 miles (224 km) long and ranges from 4 to 40 miles (6 to 64km) wide. The deeply indented coastline stretches for 683 miles (1,100 km) of sand dunes and high red capes. The land surface is 2,184 square miles. With 63 lighthouses and range light buildings (approximately 35 still active aids to navigation), this averages one lighthouse for every 34 square miles, which we believe is the highest concentration of lighthouses in any province or state in North America. All but three can be easily reached by car, and two of those can be photographed from shore.

"The lighthouses have looked after us for many years:
Now it is our turn to look after them."

- Carol Livingstone

Sources of Information for web site:

  • Federal Heritage Building Review Office Reports.
  • www.notmar.gc.ca. This is Notice to Mariners List of Lights and Buoys for Atlantic Canada.
  • Past and current staff of the Canadian Coast Guard.
  • Lighthousefriends.com.
  • Lighthouses of Prince Edward Island: Beacons of Light. This is an exhibit in the Virtual Museum of Canada web site.
  • West Point Lighthouse: New Life for an Old Light. This is an exhibit in the Virtual Museum of Canada web site.
  • Materials previously researched by the Prince Edward Island Lighthouse Society.
  • Pictures and written materials supplied by the operators of the lighthouses open seasonally.
  • Interviews.

If you find errors or have additional information or relevant pictures, please contact
Carol Livingstone, past President of the Prince Edward Island Lighthouse Society.
Carol has compiled the information and supplied most of the current pictures in this web
site as well as the two exhibits in the Virtual Museum of Canada: Beacons of Light
and New Life for an Old Light.
Phone: 902-859-3117
Email: [email protected]

Kilmeny Boates, photographer and artist, has worked extensively with
the inputting of data and photographs.
Phone: 902-859-3552
Email: [email protected]