St. Peter's Harbour Lighthouse

Status: Decomissioned
GPS Coordinates: 46 26 30.7 N 62 44 51.3W
FHBRO Number: 90-088
LOL number: 1044
Date Built: 1876 ?

Electrification and De-staffing Dates: Decommissioned in 2008
Tower height: 10.4 meters   34'1" ft

Driving Directions:

North Shore

Points East Coastal Drive - PEI MAP C - 11

From Route 2, just east of Morell, turn north on St. Peter's Harbour Road. After 2.1km (1.3 miles) turn right on Lighthouse Road and follow it to its end where you will find the St. Peters Harbour Lighthouse. Note that as you approach the lighthouse the road may become rutted and impassable, forcing you to walk the last portion of the road.

Grounds open - Tower closed.


The square tapered wooden structure has a broad base and steeply sloping sides. It has a superimposed gallery supported by metal brackets and surrounded by a metal railing. This lighthouse does not have the traditional red lantern. Instead, it has a grey metal one. The narrow windows have slanted shed dormers, and there is a simple red pediment over the door.

Although some records say it is on its original site on the breakwater, current pictures indicate otherwise. (2) pics.


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Historic Data:

Range lights were established here in 1865, but the exact date of the lighthouse construction is unknown.

This is one of the 16 locations in Prince Edward Island that had lights when the province joined Confederation in 1873. The lighthouse was designed by the Colonial Government and its builder is uknown.  There is no record of a light keeper's dwelling.

West Point Lighthouse, built in 1875, was the first of the square tapered towers on PEI. Since St. Peter's Harbour Lighthouse is built in that style, it would have been built after this date, not before. The exact date is still uncertain. 

It was decommisioned in 2008. 


Martin McInnis       1868 – 1869

William McGrath    1874 – 1900

Albert Anderson    1900 – 1912

James McGrath      1912 – ? 

Current Owners/ Operators:

The Government of Canada. A local group has petitioned for ownership under the Parks Canada Heritage Lighthouse Program.

Last Updated: December 7, 2013