Shipwreck Point Lighthouse/Naufrage Lighthouse

Status: Active
GPS Coordinates: 46 28 07.2 N, 62 25 22.6 W
LOL number: 1042
Date Built: 1967

Electrification and De-staffing Dates: September 27,1967
Nominal Range: 12 nautical miles
Focal Height: 25.6 meters 83 ft 9in ft
Light: Osculating white light
Flash Pattern: Flash 3 seconds Eclipse 2 seconds
Tower height: 13.4 meters   43 ft 9 in ft

Driving Directions:

Although this light is on private property, it can be viewed from a public road.

North East Shore


Points East Coastal  Drive - PEI Map - B -13

From Route 16 on the Points East Coastal Drive at Naufrage, go north on Harbour Road for a short distance, and you will see the lighthouse on your left.

Grounds - tower closed.


The 13.4m ,44' tower is one of only two concrete lighthouses on the Island.

It is a hexagonal (six sided) tower located approximately 39.6m (130 feet) west of the original Shipwreck Point Lighthouse.There is glass all around the lantern.

The tower is painted white. It has a red metal railing surrounding the hexagonal lantern deck. There are no windows. There is a shed dormer over the door.

Image Gallery:

ShipwreckPoint ShipwreckPoint ShipwreckPoint ShipwreckPoint

Historic Data:

The present Shipwreck Point Lighthouse was built by Schurman’s Limited of Summerside and went into operation on September 27, 1967.

It has always been automated.

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 It never had a keeper.

Current Owners/ Operators:

 Government of Canada. A group has filed a petition for ownership under the Parks Canada Heritage Lighthouse Program.

Last Updated: April 29, 2020