Former Georgetown Front Range Light

Status: Decomissioned / Private
GPS Coordinates: 46 16 32.5 N, 62 52 97.2 W
Date Built: 1895

Electrification and De-staffing Dates: Decommissioned in 1969.
Tower height: 9 meters   30" ft

Driving Directions:

Althought this light is on private property, it can be viewed from a public road.

Points East Coastal Drive- PEI MAP- D-13

Traveling  on Points East Coastal Drive - Route #17, 7.2 km (2.6 miles) east of Montague, turn north onto Lower Montague Road. When you reach the shore, go right on St. Andrews Point Road for 2.8 km (1.8 miles) and you will see the Georgetown Front Range Light on your left. *The old front and current front are located on private property.



This range light was first used as a lighthouse which explains why it was constructed with living quarters. It  is a square wooden dwelling with a lantern centered on its pyramidal roof.  The shingles are painted beige. There is a white metal railing around the lantern deck. There are red bands  around the roof, middle of lantern, the lantern deck and the upper part of the dwelling wall. The screen door is painted red. There is also white trim on the exterior.

It is approximately 9m (30 feet) high.It has modern windows.The interior has remained basically unchanged. 

It is now a private guest house not far from its original setting.

Image Gallery:

OldGeorgetownRange OldGeorgetownRange OldGeorgetownRange OldGeorgetownRange

Historic Data:

This range light was built in 1895 to replace the 1868 "St. Andrew’s Point" Lighthouse that was destroyed by fire in October 1894. It was decommissioned in 1969.

In 1917, the St. Lawrence Pilot newspaper noted that the structure had a black stripe on its front face as did the back range. It has been moved several times and has had some modifications.

Locally and on  it is refered to as Saint Andrews Point. 


Joseph Wightman               1875 – 1886

Charles A. McDonald          1886 – 1901

George Connors                  1901 – 1913

J. Vatcher                              1914 –?


Current Owners/ Operators:

The Former Front Georgetown Range Light is privately owned. Not open to public.

Last Updated: December 17, 2013