Former Summerside Front Range Light

Status: Decomissioned
Date Built: 1877

Electrification and De-staffing Dates: De-staffed in 1961.
Tower height: 11.5 meters   38" ft

Driving Directions:

South Shore

Central Coastal Drive - PEI MAP - F- 6

The top of this lighthouse is visible from the clay road leading toward the Indian Head Lighthouse.

The lighthouse is privately owned. Grounds/tower closed.


It is a square tapered tower topped by the original red cast iron octagonal lantern. The original lantern deck has been replaced with a larger lantern deck which extends approx 3 ft wider on all sides. It is surrounded by a framed plexiglass railing supported by a large modern brackets.

Three sides of the tower have windows with shed dormers. The pediment over the door has been shingled. The cedar shingle have been left natural. There is red trim on the brackets, around the windows, bottom of the tower and around the door. Except for the lantern deck, it has had few external changes.

Image Gallery:

OldSummersideFrontRange OldSummersideFrontRange

Historic Data:

The former Summerside Front Range Light was built in 1877 and has been inactive since 1961 when it was replaced by a metal skeleton tower which is ajacent to the large building on the Transportation Wharf in Summerside

It was sold and moved across the ice to a private property at McCallum's Point. It appears to be used as a guest house by the current owners.

Previous Lighthouse Society information indicated that the tower incorporated into a private dwelling on MacCallum's Point, near the break water, was the Former Summerside Front Range. We have recently learned that this is incorrect. In fact, this was a tower that was built as a tourist attraction and later relocated from the Albany-Borden area.


Current Owners/ Operators:

The Former Summerside Front Range Light  is privately owned. Not open to public.

Last Updated: November 22, 2013