Haszard Point Back Range Light

Status: Active
GPS Coordinates: 019 degrees 19' 650.1 m from front range
FHBRO Number: 90-116
LOL number: 992
Date Built: 1889

Electrification and De-staffing Dates: 1961
Nominal Range: 13 nautical miles
Focal Height: 46.3 meters 151'9" ft
Light: Fixed Yellow
Tower height: 14.0 meters   45'9" ft

Driving Directions:

From Highway 1 in Stratford, just east of Charlottetown, turn south on Highway 1A (Georgetown Road). After 2.6 km (1.6 miles) turn right onto Keppoch Road and you will see the Haszard Point Range Rear Lighthouse to your right. The road that leads towards the lighthouse at this point (Spindrift Lane) is private.

Grounds/tower closed. The rangelight can be seen from the road.


The Haszard Point Back Range was built in 1889. This Lighthouse was not extended in height like the front range was.

This 13m (45.9 ft)  shingled tower has a broad base which tapers to a narrow square lantern. The navigation light shines through the window on the seaward side. The narrow plank lantern deck is supported by metal brackets and is surrounded by a metal railing.

Both Haszard Ranges have a unique paint scheme which allows them to contrast with the surrounding buildings. Three sides are painted the typical white, while the seaward side is painted red with a wide black vertical daymark extending from the ground to the lantern deck. Two windows and the door are within the black daymark.They are topped by shed dormers.

Image Gallery:

HaszardPointBackRange HaszardPointBackRange HaszardPointBackRange HaszardPointBackRange

Historic Data:

Two pairs of range lights were established in 1889 to guide vessels into Charlottetown Harbour along a channel clear of all obstructions. The outer set of range lights, known as the Haszard Range Lights, was established southeast of the entrance to the harbour on a farm owned by the Honorable Francis L. Haszard (1849-1938), who served as Premier of Prince Edward Island from 1908 to 1911 and Judge of the Supreme Court of Prince Edward Island from 1911 to 1930. The inner set of range lights was placed in the harbour at Brighton Beach.

The range lights originally displayed fixed red lights until 1902, when they were changed to fixed white lights. The Haszard Point Range Lights currently show a fixed yellow light.


Alexander Kennedy   1890 – 1902     
Angus Beaton  
           1902 - 1910
Edwin Stewart             1910 – 1961

Current Owners/ Operators:

Government of Canada. The Town of Stratford is petitioning for ownership under the Parks Canada Heritage Lighthouse Program. 

Last Updated: September 28, 2013