Douse Point Back Range Light

Status: Decomissioned / Private
GPS Coordinates: 46 01 29 N, 62 60 55 W
Date Built: 1899

Electrification and De-staffing Dates: Converted to battery power May, 1962. Decommissioned March 9,1984.
Tower height: 6.7 meters   22" ft

Driving Directions:

Points East Coastal Drive - PEI MAP F-14

From Main Street (Route 4) just south of the center of Murray River, turn east onto Gladstone Road where you will see the Douse Point Front Range Front Light on your left.

This range light is privately owned. Not open to the public.


The Douse Point Back Range Light, a very utilitarian tower, is a square pyramidal tower that stands 6.7m (22') tall. The roof is flat. The lower two thirds of the tower are the typical square sloping sides, and the upper third of the walls are straight. There is a molding that separates the upper and lower portion of the tower. navigation light shone through a small window over the door. 

It is one of the three lighthouses on the Island that is most urgently in need of maintenance and repair.

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Historic Data:

Established in 1899.

A tower that had formerly served as the Brush Wharf Lighthouse was relocated to serve as the Douse Point Back Range Light. The Douse Point Range Lights were converted to battery power in 1962, and a few years later power lines were extended to the point. The lights were decommissioned on March 9, 1984, and were eventually privately purchased in the 1980's by the Buell Family. They were relocated to Murray River where they have gradually fallen into a state of disrepair.



John McDonald     1899 – 1913

H.A. McDonald       1913 – ?)

Walter MacLeod     unknown

Kenny MacLeod     unknown

An exerpt from a letter written from Dave Hunter to Kelly Anne Laughery
reads as follows:

"Incidently, in my original message, we mentioned our trips to light the lamps in the houses with Kenny MacLeod, ( who lived on the road now known as the Upper Cove Road), the last lighthouse keeper before they were electrified. Before him the keeper was Walter MacLeod also from just up the roadI (he lived right across from the old schoolhouse in the house now owned by Enman's).

He used to come down to light the light on the lamps with an old horse and cart. I remember it well, as his horse was always dressed up in an old straw hat with holes cut out in the brim for its ears! Many times we took the same trip with him as well. Both men are now dead. "

Current Owners/ Operators:

Tower and grounds are currently privately owned.

Last Updated: October 26, 2013