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Decommissioned Private Open

  1. North Cape Lighthouse
  2. Tignish Run Lighthouse/Big Tignish/Jude's Point
  3. Former Miminigash Range Light
  4. Former Northport Back Range Light
  5. Former Cascumpec Lighthouse
  6. Northport Back Range Light
  7. Former Hardy's Channel/Little Channel Lighthouse
  8. Malpeque Harbour Approach Light
  9. Former Fish Island Lighthouse
10. Malpeque Outer Back Range Light
11. Malpeque Outer Front Range Light
12. Former Cape Tryon
13. Cape Tryon Lighthouse
14. New London Lighthouse/ New London Back Range Light
15. North Rustico Harbour Lighthouse
16. Covehead Harbour Lighthouse
17. St. Peter's Harbour Lighthouse
18. Shipwreck Point Lighthouse/Naufrage Lighthouse
19. Former Shipwreck Point Lighthouse
20. East Point Lighthouse
21. Souris East Lighthouse
22. Former Annandale Front Range Light
23. Annandale Back Range Light
24. Annandale Front Range Light
25. Former Cardigan River Range Light
26. Georgetown Back Range Light
27. Former Georgetown Front Range Light
28. Georgetown Front Range Light
29. Panmure Head Lighthouse or Panmure Island Lighthouse
30. Douse Point Front Range Light
31. Douse Point Back Range Light
32. Murray Harbour Back Range Light/Beach Point Back Range Light
33. Murray Harbour Front Range Light/Beach Point Front Range Light
34. Cape Bear Lighthouse
35. Wood Islands Lighthouse
36. Wood Islands Back Range Light
37. Wood Islands Front Range Light
38. Point Prim Lighthouse
39. Brush Wharf Front Range
40. Haszard Point Front Range
41. Haszard Point Back Range Light
42. Brighton Beach Front Range
43. Brighton Beach Back Range Light
44. Warren Cove Back Range Light
45. Warren Cove Front Range Light
46. Blockhouse Point Lighthouse
47. St. Peter's Island Light
48. Leard's Back Range Light
49. Leard's Front Range Light/Palmer's Back Range Light
50. Wright's Back Range Light
51. Wright's Front Range Light
52. Port Borden Front Range Light
53. Port Borden Back Range Light
54. Port Borden Pier Light
55. Seacow Head Lighthouse
56. Former Summerside Front Range Light
57. Indian Head Lighthouse
58. Summerside Back Range Light
59. Summerside Outer Front Range Light
60. Summerside Outer Back Range Light
61. Cape Egmont Lighthouse
62. West Point Lighthouse
63. Howard's Cove/Seal Point Lighthouse